What It Takes to Plan Graduation

group of graduating seniors

It is now less than a month away from the class of 2022's graduation. Seniors placed cap and gown orders, graduation parties and outfits are being planned, and the excitement of finishing twelve years of education is building up to the biggest event of high school: the graduation ceremony.

High school graduation may last for one night but it takes several months to prepare for the big event.

Typically starting before winter break, each Graduation Committee strives to make the ceremony a perfect event and a time to recognize the hard work of the graduating class.

"Each of these graduates has worked for four hard years to get where they are at, and they only get one shot at graduation," says Eastmark High's Assistant Principal Jess Roth.

Roth also mentioned how the biggest challenge of planning graduation is making sure there are no mistakes made, and involving the seniors to share their input.

The Graduation Committee, composed of administrators, counselors, and teachers, seeks input from students frequently along the way to ensure a perfect graduation ceremony.

This year's graduation will be the first for Eastmark High with its first senior class, which includes over 130 students.

Queen Creek High will have over 450 students in their graduation ceremony, and that is not including the seniors who attended Queen Creek Virtual Academy.

Renee Regoli, Assistant Principal at Queen Creek High, says seeing the final day happen is the most rewarding part.

"My favorite part is when it all comes together," says Regoli. "The energy when the kids process out and the families get to see them."

We will hold EHS graduation on May 14, and QCHS graduation will be on May 19.

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