Culinary Classes Help Students for Future Success

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In our previous newsletter we mentioned how February is National Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. Queen Creek Unified School District high school students have a wide variety of CTE classes and courses to choose from with opportunities to help them in their success after high school.

At Queen Creek High School (QCHS), the most popular CTE course is the culinary program. With students coming into the program from different grades, the impact has helped students out tremendously.

Maliha, a freshman, grew up with cooking as an influence in her life and sees how it helped her on her path into culinary.

"Having good food and realizing it makes people smile made me feel content," says Mahlia. "I loved it! It allowed me to continue down the path of culinary where I found myself in the CTE culinary program eager to learn more."

Maliha also plans to incorporate culinary in her future plans after graduation by running an event planning company primarily focused on decorations and catering.

Kevin, a QCHS senior, gives the credit to the culinary program for helping him get his first two jobs working as a line cook.

"I competed in two events during state competitions last year and plan on doing culinary arts and chicken fabrication at the state competitions this year. I also had the opportunity to become the club president this year," says Kevin who plans to continue his culinary education at Utah Valley University and hopes to open his own restaurant.

While some students like Maliha and Kevin plan to continue a culinary career, others benefit from the culinary program in ways to help prepare for different career options.

"It shows discipline," says junior year Athena. "You have to follow certain steps, you have to follow directions, and you have to make sure you are doing everything right. Anything can go wrong. You just have to make sure you are doing everything right."

Even before graduation culinary students from QCHS have shown success in the art of culinary. Edible Phoenix magazine featured students in the culinary program. The students went on to serve their own recipe with Orange Table’s Executive Chef Elizabeth Meinz at the Harvest Moon Feast in downtown Phoenix.

To learn more about the QCHS culinary program, please visit our Culinary Arts page today.

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