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High Achievement in a Caring Environment

Our Social Studies Program

The mission of the Social Studies Department is to provide students with the opportunity to learn and investigate the historical development of world cultures and understand the characteristics of American democracy. To achieve that goal, we promote the study of US history, world history, US government, and economics so that students will be able to function as responsible and informed citizens in our diverse, global world.

Social Studies department staff

Our TEachers and Courses

Kylee Bean
US/AZ History

Amy Cassinat
US/AZ History, World History

Sharlee Crandell

Travis Decker
Economics, World History

Heather Deremer
World History, Pre AP Ancient Civilizations

Gabe Gahn
US/AZ History, AP US History

Joe Hunsaker
AP World History, AP Psychology, Psychology 1, Psychology 2

Phyllis Martynowicz
Social Studies

Tim Owens

Rick Payne
World History

Frank Ruiz
AP Human Geography, Honors Economics, Economics, Government

Brandon Waller
World History

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High Achievement in a Caring Environment