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High Achievement in a Caring Environment

Meet Our Teachers & Staff

Our top-notch office staff at Queen Creek High School is here to assist you. We care about our students and their parents and will do whatever we can to meet your needs so we can keep the communication between home and school open and positive.

The faculty and staff at Queen Creek High School take great pride in nurturing and educating our students. They work hard to cultivate a positive, enjoyable, and effective learning environment for everyone. Please take the time to get to know the people who work daily with our students.


Paul Gagnon

Derek Petersen
Assistant Principal

Jennifer Ray
Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction

Paul Reynolds
Assistant Principal, Athletics Director

Kim Saad
Assistant Principal

Dr. Tiffannie Sechrist
CTE Director
(480) 987.5965


Office Staff

Erica Alexander
Athletics Secretary

Raylene Bates
Bookstore Manager

Sandi Cummard
Administrative Assist. to Principal

Kim Holmes
CTE Administrative Assistant
(480) 987.5965

Tim Payne

Toni Roth

Danielle Salazar
Counseling/Registrar Secretary

Denise Stone
Assistant Principal's Secretary

Ester Vance
Attendance Clerk

Brandi Vindiola


Achievement Team

Marisol Lechner


Career & Technical Education

Lewis Brown

Casey Erickson, MS, LAT, ATC
Sports Medicine

Taryn Haight, RN
Medical Professions

Kim Holmes
CTE Secretary
(480) 987.5965

Deidre Myers
Professional Sales and Marketing Education

Joshua Popham

Mauricio Ramirez
Graphic Design Education

Ross Rector

Kimberly Rutherford
Early Childhood Education

Tiffannie Sechrist
CTE Director
(480) 987.5965

Amy Shipp
Athletics Training, Sports Medicine

Aleah Shook
Agriculture Education

Kyle Spitler
Technical Theater

Kaitlyn Williams
Fashion Design and Culinary



Troy Gibson

Bob Nycum



Ike Birdsall
English 11

Sarah Cook

Sarah Green
English 9

Christopher Greenwood
English 10

Jennifer Holland
English 11, Leadership

Gabriel Jenkins
English 10

Dan O'Donnell
English 9, English 12

Chantel Parsons
English 9, English 11

Diane Spoor
English 9, English 12

Corrine Van Wyke
English 9, English 11

Joshua Zatcoff
English 11


Fine Arts

James Hutchins
Symphonic Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra

Gail McFarland
Introduction to Art

Emily McIntyre

Elizabeth Reynolds
Fine Arts Department Chair, Women’s Ensemble, Chorale, Piano I, Piano Independent Study

Kyle Spitler
Beginning Theater Arts, Advanced Theater Arts, Film Studies


Health Office

Lisa Brown
Health Assistant

Christine Fuhrman



Christina Rodriquez

Gary Swope



Laura Barnes

Nathaniel Boardman
Algebra II with Trig, Algebra III

Stacey Bowser

Christel Bruno

Mark Degrow

Jennifer DeKorte
Algebra II, Geometry

Evelyn Fox

Indika Morris
Algebra III, Pre Calculus

Grant Odom
Algebra II with Trig, Physics, AP Calculus

Amy Robinson

Sarah Sharp

Taryn Whelan
Algebraic Functions



Trinidad Barcelo

Karla Chapman

Debra Locke

Stephanie Mejia

Cathleen Perry

Jodie Rosaaen

Linda White


Physical Education

Glen Adams
Physical Education, Athletic/Advanced Weights

Mike Campbell
Athletic Weights, Varsity Baseball Coach

Cassandra Damyanovich

Lt. Col. Kiermay

Jason Rhone
Athletic Weights, CoEd PE

Amy Shipp
Athletics Trainer



Bradley Charles

Matt Chicci

Mark Degrow

Kevin Fairhurst
Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Honors Anatomy

Jacob Frantz

Shaun Hardt
Physical Science, Honors Physical Science

Nicole Perkins
Biology, Honors Biology

Anthony Potthoff
Chemistry, Biology, AP Biology

Sharon Rowe



Nathan Tomaszewski

Jeff Whiting


Social Studies

Kylee Bean
US/AZ History

Amy Cassinat
US/AZ History, World History

Sharlee Crandell

Travis Decker
Economics, World History

Heather Deremer
World History, Pre AP Ancient Civilizations

Gabe Gahn
US/AZ History, AP US History

Joe Hunsaker
AP World History, AP Psychology, Psychology 1, Psychology 2

Phyllis Martynowicz
Social Studies

Tim Owens

Rick Payne
World History

Frank Ruiz
AP Human Geography, Honors Economics, Economics, Government


Special Education

Laura Barnes
Resource Algebra I

Nancy Cattani

Toya Corbett

Richard Eames
Itinerant History, Life Skills Health & Safety

Kimberly Love

Amy Robinson
Resource Consumer Math, Resource Algebra 1, Itinerant Algebra/Geometry, Bridge to Algebra

Ramsey Shinn

Ann Tichy

Austin Watkins


Student Services

Amber Bjork
Tenth Grade Counselor

Angela Chicci

Lee Harmon

Marisol Lechner

Art Sirianni
School Psychologist/Social Worker



Diane Ayala
TOYBOX Preschool Coordinator

Cheryl Ellis


World Language

Martha Atilano
Spanish I

Yessika Moncur

Kristin Wills